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Mobile court

Designed and calculated by our Engineering department, the client saves on labor and foundation costs. This court model is made with support plates that do not require anchoring to the ground, allowing the sport to be transported to any location. Only a draining surface is needed to prevent water accumulation. It can be played in a specific location for an extended period or easily moved to another place.

Designed and developed by the the engineering department of de PORTICO SPORT UK for the practice of padel at the highest level, our courts comply with the official sports regulations (NIDE 2004 Padel), the regulations and standards of the FIP (International Padel Federation) and structural calculation based on the Standard «Structural Steel Instruction (EAE) and American Code: AISC-360 AND ASCE SEI 7-16-. All our courts come with a 10-year guarantee (structural stability).


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